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Cyber Security Blended
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July 17, 2023


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What Will You Learn?

  • An advanced practical skillset in defeating all online threats - advanced hackers, trackers, malware and all Internet nastiness including mitigating government spying and mass...
  • The very latest up-to-date information and methods.
  • Explore the threat landscape - Darknets, dark markets, zero day vulnerabilities, exploit kits, malware, phishing and much more.
  • Go in-depth into security through physical and virtual isolation and compartmentalization. Covering sandboxes, application isolation, virtual machines,...
  • A certificate of completion is available signed by the instructor Nathan House so CPE credits can be claimed. An off-site sign-up is required to provide your details for this...
  • Start a career in cyber security. Become a cyber security specialist.
  • We cover operating system security, privacy, and patching - On Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, MacOS and Linux.
  • You will master encryption in an easy to follow crash course.
  • You will learn about nation state secret tracking and hacking infrastructure.
  • 100 percent garneted internship opportunity,...
  • internship completion certificate.

Course Content

Induction Class

Internet Network

Operating System Introduction To Ethical Hacking

Foot Printing & Reconnaissance

Scanning Hacking Web Servers

Cross site scripting

SQL Injection Session Hijacking Denial of Service

Social Engineering

Evading Firewalls, IDS & Honeypots Kali Linux

Cloud security Cryptography


4,998.00 7,500.00
  • Instructor
    Elenxia Learning Platform
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Payment :


Material Includes

  • 25 hours on-demand video
  • live doubt session per week.
  • 1 article
  • 1 downloadable resource
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion
  • Internship 100 percent
  • Internship Completion Certificate


  • A basic understanding of using operating systems, networks, and the Internet. Be able to download and install software. A willingness to learn.
  • Please note this is Volume of the complete course. After the completion of all volumes, you will know more than 80% of security professionals, government and law enforcement agents and even expert hackers about maintaining security, privacy, and anonymity.


  • Individuals interested in a career in cyber security: This can include students, professionals looking to transition into the field, or individuals seeking to enhance their existing skills and knowledge in cyber security.
  • IT professionals and system administrators: These individuals may already be working in IT roles and want to expand their expertise in cyber security to better protect their organization's systems and networks.
  • Small and medium-sized business owners: Many small and medium-sized businesses lack dedicated cyber security personnel. A program targeting this audience would aim to provide essential knowledge and skills to help them protect their digital assets.